justin lee


Professional actor with nearly 30 years experience, teacher of the arts for 21 years, writer and talent coach for Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and many more.

Experience as an actor ranges from touring children’s theatre to Shakespeare.

Specialist teaching areas include: acting (camera), screenwriting, creative writing, speech & drama for children, school theatre productions, presentation & non-verbal communication skills and basic film & video production.

Justin has also worked as a talent coach and casting director in Singapore and the region, and a professional corporate role player and trainer.



'Mary-Frances is an Actress and Theatre Maker from Northern Ireland in the UK who relocated to Singapore in 2013. 
She graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama with a BA(Hons) Degree in Contemporary Theatre Practice in 2007. In 2011, she was awarded an ACES Award from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland as part of their Artist Career Enhancement Scheme and in 2012 she received a MAC Hatch Artist Award from the Metropolitan Arts Centre, Belfast as part of their Supported Artist Scheme. 

Mary-Frances is currently an Associate Artist with Young at Art, one of Northern Ireland's leading children's arts charities and home of Young at Art Events and the Belfast Children's Festival. Her latest show ‘Katie’s Birthday Party’, an interactive theatre performance for 8-12 year olds dealing with the transition from primary to secondary school, premiered at this years Belfast Children’s Festival as part of the TYA-NI (Theatre for Young Audiences - Northern Ireland) showcase and has since been invited to perform as part of the highly acclaimed Imaginate Festival in Edinburgh next spring.

She is also currently developing a new theatre performance entitled ‘Sophie’s Garage Sale’ exploring how the young people feel about and have dealt with relocating here in Singapore from another country. She hopes to devise this piece through a series of workshops with local international schools and ultimately tour the schools with the finished production.

ching ching

Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Teaching Examinations Teaching Diploma:
Teaching Certificate (with Distinction), Teaching Certificate Final Examination (with Distinction), Anatomy and Technique (with Distinction)History of Ballet (with Distinction), Music in Relation to the Teaching of Dance (with Distinction), Psychology, Child Development and Learning (with Distinction)

Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) Teaching Examinations:
Modern Associate Diploma AISTD Diploma, Modern Associate (with Honours) AISTD, Imperial Ballet Associate (with Distinction) AISTD
RAD Approved Tutor
RAD Examiner
RAD Certificate of Ballet Teaching Studies (CBTS) Tutor

RAD Practical Teaching Supervisor (PTS)

- UCLA Dept. of World Arts & Cultures Research Grant
- UCLA Dept. of World Arts & Cultures Teaching-Assistantship
- UCLA Edna and Yu-shan Han Scholarship
- UCLA Non-Resident Tuition Fellowships
- National Arts Council Arts Bursaries (Overseas)
- Deborah Ferdinando Memorial Award for Academic Achievement

Ching Ching's impressive array of appointments, qualifications and awards speak for themselves. her previous performance, choreographic and teaching experience is too lengthy to list and includes ballet, contemporary, modern and national dance styles, notably flamenco.



Nunuk Sri Rahayu studied Javanese dance in the Mangkunegaran Palace in Central Java, which is a famous center of traditional Javanese performing arts. She has performed in the palace, as well as in other places in Indonesia (at weddings, village celebrations, etc), Europe, the United States and Singapore. She has taught an undergraduate module on Javanese dance in the Dance Program of the University of Washington, Seattle, at the Indonesian embassy in Czech Republic, and some international schools in Singapore. Currently she is still very much enjoying dancing, performing, directing, choreographing and teaching. 


Ron has been training in martial arts for over 10 years. In addi/on to being a competent Systema, Russian Martial Arts practitioner and Instructor, he also holds a Dan grade in Aikido and is a qualified Kickboxing instructor certfied in 2014 by WAKO (World Associaton of Kickboxing Organizatons).
He is dedicated to the growth and development of his students through the practice of martial arts and passionate about sharing his knowledge and understanding of fitness and self-defense. His friendly
and fun personality creates a conducive training environment for all his students.​ 

Ron works with both private clients at Body Mind on Niven as well as groups both in house and on location.


Regina is trained in both child and adult yoga. She started practicing yoga at age 21 and has participated in transformational and inner-child work for the past decade. She is the founder of 'Rainbow Child Yoga', created to share this age old wisdom and discipline of yoga to young children. In addition, she is an early childhood educator with Waldorf School in Singapore. She brings a sweet nature and gentleness in her teachings, connecting to the radiant sparkle within each child's uniqueness. Prior to her full time role in holistic education with children, she has 15 years of professional experience working with MNC organization and individuals in both media and finance industry regionally.



'A doctor by profession, a dancer at heart'!
​Trained in the Indian classical dance form ‘Bharatanatyam’ from the age of 7, Shwetha has spent many years honing this art, both competing and winning at various regional competitions. Although she went on to pursue a career in medicine, dance remained an integral part of her life. Therefore, it is no surprise that Shwetha was drawn towards Zumba® Fitness, a high-energy and extremely fun Latin dance-based fitness program which now incorporates popular music and dance styles from all countries. This program offers the perfect blend of dance moves and fitness routines to give you an exhilarating experience in a fun and relaxed manner. As a Certified Zumba® Fitness Instructor, Shwetha wants to share this experience with you. Each session feels more like a party! Come, join the party and dance your way to fitness!! 


Many of us have surpassed the need to connect our Body, Mind and Spirit. We are now searching for a new calibration, an equilibrium between how we experience and perceive our world and how it really is. Finding alignment with these energy vibrations is what we call ‘The Present Moment’. Prayoma is a new modality practiced by Arjan Nijen Twilhaar that facilitates this process. Prayoma helps you tap your innate creativity and is excellent for helping to find release, solve problems, farm new ideas and set attainable goals. You will experience a new joy for life and reduced stress levels as your key inner natural processes have been ignited and optimally supported.

Please contact us for more details or to arrange an appointment.




Marcie is a Colombian certified instructor licensed to teach 'Zumba Fitness' and an active member of the zumba instructor network. Her combined passion for fitness and her Latin/Colombian dancing blood & soul, have found in 'Zumba' a perfect combination that is both healthy and extremely fun! Improved fitness comes naturally.
In her classes participants feel the Latin energy and rhythm, dance to the beat, follow her lead and most importantly ENJOY and have FUN!!!
Let yourself loose! Enjoy Marcie’s Zumba Party!!!



Nash's background is in competitive athletics and Muay Thai Kickboxing. In JC he held the 100m, 200m, 400m & 4x400m gold for 2 consecutive years and was individual all round male champion for 2 years running. Whilst serving with the military he represented the Guards Formation at SAFSA level, winning the 400m at the inter-formation meet and anchoring the 4x400m relay team to a silver. Since 2006 he has also trained extensively in Muay Thai Kickboxing. As well as being a certified Kickboxing instructor he holds an impressive array of fitness qualifications including Kettlebell Sport and Trigger Point Therapy. He also has a specific interest in Barefoot training. In September he completed his Women's Fitness Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Senior Fitness courses. We are delighted to welcome Nash to the team!



Suj Sakhrani is a certified Clinical and Holistic Nutritionist, Women’s Health Practitioner, Child and Adolescent Nutritionist and also holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Biotechnology from the UK. She has over 15 years of international experience in science and nutrition. Her interest is in growing the nutritional healing synergy between clinical nutrition, lifestyle management and holistic therapies to produce larger benefiting health results than if each function was addressed separately. The prime focus of Suj's passion is to educate each client to understand their own body’s better no matter what age or condition, so they can enhance their ability to recover and maintain health and peace throughout their lives. She is focused on providing products and services that empower clients with the skills to make healthy life choices:

catherine Rose-yates


Catherine Rose-Yates is an ex-dancer, professionally qualified ballet teacher, personal trainer, actress and model from the UK. She trained at England's Northern Ballet School as a dancer and subsequently as a teacher after sustaining an injury which prevented her from performing further.

Whilst pursuing her secondary career as an actress she became increasingly interested in gym training for injury rehabilitation as well as general fitness and posture correction and decided to study for her numerous professional fitness qualifications. She was a level 3 registered Personal Trainer on the UK REPS register (the highest rank at the time) when she left in 2007 and has since furthered her knowledge by working alongside chartered physiotherapists here in Singapore.

simon john pink


Simon's degree in Sports Science and following of the training and education of the C.H.E.K. Institute has helped him attain a wealth of knowledge and understanding on human anatomy and how movement and lifestyle choices can help you to not only live - but to thrive! In his spare time he participates in endurance events like marathons and ultra-marathons. He believes and has proven that with the right attitude, ANYTHING is possible! Simon has a no nonsense, goal getting approach to health and fitness. You don't need to pound the treadmill for hours to lose weight. With a specifically constructed health care package, personal only to you, you can effectively become what you desire. Within 10 weeks he'll have you eating and moving as you should - and set you firmly on the pathway to becoming the strongest version of yourself.



John is an accredited Physiotherapist holding a BSc in Exercise & Sports Science as well as a Diploma of Sports & Wellness from Australia. He is an accredited Rehab Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist & Pilates Instructor, who continually pursues orthopedic clinical manual therapy skills by attending workshops around the world, (chiropractic, osteopathic, physiotherapy podiatry etc). John has extensive experience and has worked with special populations, elite athletes, de-conditioned individuals, the physically challenged, children, pre and post natal women, and other allied health professionals in all aspects of sports medicine, performance and rehabilitation. In 2002 John concentrated on developing safe and effective exercise programs for back care and shoulder injuries which had cropped up in a gym environment. This research leads to his current specialization in the fields of pilates, fitness and clinical manual therapy. 

nava suresh


Nava has been practising various holistic forms of Yoga since 2004. In 2013, her inner calling lead her on her journey towards Iyengar Yoga, which in turn enlightened her to see the universe from within and with a different perspective, via alignment and space creation in the physical body. This traditional method of practising yoga has ignited her deep rooted passion to teach and share that experience with others as a Yoga teacher. Nava is a certified Hatha Yoga and Iyengar Yoga teacher. As such, her goal is to guide her students to create physical awareness by using the body's intelligence and help them to evolve their asana practice.


​​'After a successful media and marketing career working for high profile companies in India, UK and Singapore, I had everything I could possibly want – pride at reaching the top of my chosen field, a wonderful husband, and two adored children. But suddenly it seemed something was missing… I’d lost my passion, I lacked motivation and things that had once inspired me began to lose their lustre. I had also gained a lot of excess weight. I mapped my motivation to make change and was blown away by the impact it had on my life. I knew helping others feel the same would be my life’s purpose.'     

Charmaine Pandya                                                         NLP Coaching & Therapy

Do you want to stay focused and committed to your fitness plan?
Do you want to clear interFEARences that hold you back?
Do you want to be consistently motivated to reach your goals?
Do you want to get rid of behaviours that get in the way of your dreams? 

You have all the resources you need & Charmaine can help you uncover it!! 

As an ABNLP Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Charmaine feels passionate and privileged to work with clients using NLPs life changing techniques and processes. She offers one-on-one coaching and therapy to help individuals reach their desired outcomes and has a wide range of clients in Singapore, Indonesia, India, UK and the US who have benefitted tremendously from NLP Coaching.

NLP can help you with:

- Goal setting and performance enhancement

- Behavior change - procrastination, indecisiveness, lack confidence, anxiousness, lacking clarity.

- Clearing InterFEARences

-  Limiting belief change -' I can't do that' or ‘ I have fat genes’

Dealing with trauma, pain or dysfunction.




Dance enrichment/ Fitness Programs (Pri Schools):
(Schools - Qiaonan Primary, Changkat Primary, Telok Kurau Primary)
​Dance instructor Dance enrichment/ Fitness Programs (Sec Schools): 

​Dance instructor (Schools – Kranji Secondary)
Dance enrichment/ Fitness Programmes ​ (Tertiary): ​

Dance instructor (School – Singapore Polytechnic Health for Life Program)
Private/Corporate dance classes

Dance instructor Overseas:
Dance Instructor - Waacking Workshop at Elephant Paname, Paris ​

Oschool Pte. Ltd. (Singapore), DanzPeople(Singapore),
Debbie Reynolds (Los Angeles), Movement Lifestyle (Los Angeles), Millennium (Los Angeles), Broadway Dance Center (New York), Studio Mag (Paris), Studio 68 (London)
GENRE ​Hip hop (old school/lyrical/urban choreography), Waacking, Locking, Lyrical Jazz, Jazz Funk, Contemporary.



Olga’s passion for holistic and alternative medicine started 9 years ago. Working in a high stress corporate job for Fortune 500 companies around the world whilst also looking after her baby son Arthur, she came to understand that learning how to manage stress is crucial for personal growth and to be able to lead a happy and fulfilling life. This realisation prompted her to make a career change and embark on a journey to help others also manage and balance it all. Certified as an Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki healer, she is passionate about sharing this powerful energy with other highly stressed individuals. Reiki energy healing dissolves energy blocks and promotes natural balance between mind, body and spirit. It increases energy levels at the same time as promoting deep relaxation. It helps the body release stress and tension, clears the mind, improves focus and accelerates the body's self-healing ability. Olga is also a certified yoga Instructor and founder of 'NO STRESS'.



Vasugi Ganesan started dance at age six. In India. As a student she performed in various stage, television and cultural programmes. In 1972, she came in first in the Pongal Dance Competition and went on to perform the lead role in a Dance Drama staged both in Singapore and Malaysia and be chosen to represent Singapore (by Singapore Tourist Promotion Board) to perform in Hong Kong, Australia, Italy and Malaysia.  
In 1978 - Joined Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society and in 1979 The National Dance Company of Singapore performing extensively. She scored the highest mark in SIFAS, was chosen as the Top Dancer of 1987 and was given the “Best Dance Student” Award of 1987.  
From this background she prepared for an extensive career as a Dance Teacher and Choreographer of Indian Classical Dance (Bharathanatyam), Folk, Bollywood, Chinese and Malay dance as well as the Indian Martial Art known as Kalari Payatu and has been teaching in schools for the past 24 years. 
Vasugi choreographed the National Day Dance in the year 2003 – with the Secondary School Commonwealth has designed costumes and jewellery for various performances and In 2004 started her own Dance Group– Shakthi Arts.


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