​​​Active Isolated Stretching Open Day 3rd June:

What is it and how can it help you in conjunction with your current training, sports pursuits and/or posture correction & pain management??

Experienced Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist and AIS Practitioner Simon Pink invites you to experience and learn how AIS (alone or in conjunction with personal training) can help you, as part of our 2017 'Year of the Rooster' Open Day programme.

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About the Trainer:

Simon's degree in Sports Science and following of the training and education of the C.H.E.K. Institute has helped him attain a wealth of knowledge and understanding on human anatomy and how movement and lifestyle choices can help you to not only live - but to thrive! In his spare time he participates in endurance events like marathons and ultra-marathons. He believes and has proven that with the right attitude, ANYTHING is possible! Simon has a no nonsense, goal getting approach to health and fitness. You don't need to pound the treadmill for hours to lose weight. With a specifically constructed health care package, personal only to you, you can effectively become what you desire. Within 10 weeks he'll have you eating and moving as you should - and set you firmly on the pathway to becoming the strongest version of yourself.

Free Fitness and Posture Evaluation/PT Consultation 3rd June:

Are you feeling dissatisfied with your current training programme, not seeing results, experiencing niggling aches and pains that interfere with your progress and/or your daily life?

If you have experienced/are experiencing any or all of the above and would be interested to see how a comprehensive personal training programme encompassing a full posture/pain evaluation on top of the usual pre exercise questionnaire could help you then this is your chance to find out.

After the evaluation we will explain to you what we have seen and how best for you to proceed forwards.

We work in house here but can also send trainers out to you.

Our aim is to educate you about your body and kick start your training programme so that you feel motivated, make progress and learn how to work alone (if needs be) and understand your body.

Of course, we can provide trainers who will work with you every step of the way but not everyone has time for this or can afford it so with an initial package we aim to equip you with knowledge and understanding rather than just shouting orders at you!!!

Contact us and I will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.

About the Trainer:

Catherine Rose-Yates is an ex-dancer, professional ballet teacher, personal trainer, actress and model from the UK. She trained at England's Northern Ballet School as a dancer and subsequently as a teacher after sustaining an injury which prevented her from performing further. Whilst pursuing a career as an actress she became increasingly interested in gym training for injury rehabilitation, general fitness and posture correction and decided to study for her numerous professional fitness qualifications. She was a level 3 registered Personal Trainer on the UK REPS register (the highest rank at the time) when she left in 2007 and has since furthered her knowledge by working alongside a chartered physiotherapist here in Singapore.

Boxing/Kickboxing Fitness 1-2-1 PT: As part of Body Mindon Niven's 2017 Open Day programme we are pleased to offer free 30m minute 1-2-1 kickboxing fitness/PT taster sessions with Nash (see profile below) on Saturday March 4th. Boxing/kickboxing in combination with PT can seriously improve your CV fitness levels, strength gains and fat loss due to the high intensity of the session rounds as well as improving strength, flexibility and co-ordination. Padwork rounds with the trainer are interspersed with basic strength and conditioning intervals. All technique is coached with great attention to form and safety and clients gradually build up their repertoire of kicks and punches over the course of their training package. Clients are also coached on how to train with a bag if requested so they may continue to work safely and effectively outside of their PT sessions. Once you book your slot we will contact you to arrange a suitable time on a first come first served basis. About the Trainer: Nash's background is in competitive athletics and Muay Thai Kickboxing. In JC he held the 100m, 200m, 400m & 4x400m gold for 2 consecutive years and was individual all round male champion for 2 years running. Whilst serving with the military he represented the Guards Formation at SAFSA level, winning the 400m at the inter-formation meet and anchoring the 4x400m relay team to a silver. Since 2006 he has also trained extensively in Muay Thai Kickboxing. As well as being a certified Kickboxing instructor he holds an impressive array of fitness qualifications including Kettlebell Sport and Trigger Point Therapy. He also has a specific interest in Barefoot training. In 2015 he completed his Women's Fitness Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Senior Fitness courses.

'Introduction to NLP' Talk & QA Session:

Introduction to NLP by Charmaine Menezes Pandya at Body Mind on Niven: www.bodymindonniven.com ​Next Date TBC @ 10am

Charmaine will help you to understand what NLP is, how it works and how it can help you change your mind set, eliminate blocks and help you achieve your goals.

Personal Trainers, Yoga Teachers and AIS Practitioner also available for general questions/discussion afterwards as part of our 2017 'Year of the Rooster' Open Day programme.

About the Coach:

'After a successful media and marketing career working for high profile companies in India, UK and Singapore, I had everything I could possibly want – pride at reaching the top of my chosen field, a wonderful husband, and two adored children. But suddenly it seemed something was missing… I’d lost my passion, I lacked motivation and things that had once inspired me began to lose their lustre. I had also gained a lot of excess weight. I mapped my motivation to make change and was blown away by the impact it had on my life. I knew helping others feel the same would be my life’s purpose.'     

Charmaine Pandya                                                         NLP Coaching & Therapy

Do you want to stay focused and committed to your fitness plan?
Do you want to clear interFEARences that hold you back?
Do you want to be consistently motivated to reach your goals?
Do you want to get rid of behaviours that get in the way of your dreams? 

You have all the resources you need & Charmaine can help you uncover it!! 

As an ABNLP Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Charmaine feels passionate and privileged to work with clients using NLPs life changing techniques and processes. She offers one-on-one coaching and therapy to help individuals reach their desired outcomes and has a wide range of clients in Singapore, Indonesia, India, UK and the US who have benefitted tremendously from NLP Coaching.

NLP can help you with:

- Goal setting and performance enhancement

- Behavior change - procrastination, indecisiveness, lack confidence, anxiousness, lacking clarity.

- Clearing InterFEARences

- Limiting belief change -' I can't do that' or ‘ I have fat genes’

​- Dealing with trauma, pain or dysfunction.

Free Kids Yoga 4-7yrs Next Dates in June TBC: 2.45pm for 3pm start:

​More details available on the Eventbrite booking page as this event is run by an outside provider.