Founder and master trainer at BODYMIND on Niven is Catherine Rose-Yates, a personal trainer, ex-dancer, actress and model from the UK with over 25 years of experience. She started 'Fit-Physique' (a freelance personal fitness training company in Singapore), after moving here as an expat trailing spouse eight years ago. The Fit-Physique philosophy was and still is to create tailored and well structured fitness training programs for every client that will enable them to achieve all their goals and help them reach their full potential. Areas covered include: Weight loss, body sculpting, sport specific performance enhancement, pre and post natal programs, injury rehabilitation/prevention, postural correction and general health improvement. It is our belief that exercise specialists and therapists can best work together to provide a complete program of recovery, exercise and complimentary therapy including mental support. This then enables the individual to return to full activity as quickly as possible and maintain the results. In each case the body is looked at as a whole and a full evaluation given prior to starting any program. Attention in every case will be paid to posture, alignment, muscular balance and exercise and injury history, as well as any underlying mental issues. This will ensure safe and effective exercise is performed, thus helping prevent future injuries and aging postural deterioration. Building a strong and stable foundation is an essential part of every program and will ensure better results in the future without sacrificing target timescale.

Catherine wanted to find a home for herself and her clients where she could build a fully functional training space and studio in which to bring together a team of trainers, teachers and therapists to offer a full program of one to one training sessions, classes and supporting therapy. Her dream was to create a warm and familial environment where her clients could flourish.


Address Your Goals with a Professional!

We know there's nothing in the world that is more important than your health. We believe that in order to maintain optimal health we must address both our 'Physical' and 'Mental' health issues. If one of these is off kilter we will be unable to maintain that delicate balance and the other one will suffer.
At BODYMIND on Niven, we have the passion, dedication, commitment and team to make that happen.